Minister’s Moment April 30, 2021

Minister’s Moment by Pastor Umble

My son, those who love to do wrong will try to trick you. Don’t listen to…

Posted by Mount Zion Baptist Church of Holmesburg on Friday, April 30, 2021

My son, those who love to do wrong will try to trick you.

Don’t listen to them. Proverbs 1:10 – ERV

We are living in a time when the advice of a mother

and father is not highly regarded by their children.

There will be so-called friends and acquaintances

who will try to lead you astray. Do not sacrifice your

integrity to be popular or “down.” Instead, reflect

on the lessons that your godly parents have taught

you and don’t fall for the “okey-doke.” When you

know what they are asking you to do is wrong, don’t

listen, and distance yourself from them. You will be

so glad that you did in the end.

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