*Mount Zion Baptist Church of Holmesburg’s 125th Anniversary*

 125th Anniversary News –


“125th Anniversary Commemorative Souvenir Journal”

The 125th Anniversary Committee is inviting all Ministries and Disciples (past and present) to join the celebration by placing a half or full-page advertisement in the “125th Anniversary Commemorative Souvenir Journal”. Forms including instructions have been placed in the Ministries mailboxes and are located on the Mount Zion and Facebook websites. All Ministries who participate will receive a discount of $10 for half and $25 for full page advertisements. Please return the completed forms, advertisement, and payment no later than June 30, 2022. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Church Treasurer Tracy Reviere, 125th Journal Committee Chair at the email address and phone number listed on the form.

        Church Directory

So often you receive news concerning a church family member; sometimes good, sometimes not so good.  Your sincere intent is to reach out and offer some type of support, but all too often you do not have the needed contact information, and the good intent fades. The Anniversary Committee is drafting a Directory to help remove that communication obstacle.  You will be able to send a card, make a call and share the moment.

The official sheepfold list is the basic tool for the construction of the directory.  However, your privacy will be respected, and each church member will have the right to decline inclusion in The Directory.  To decline or provide any changes to your contact information, forward emails to mtz125th@gmail.com or by calling the church office at 215-624-8869.  Any further questions, concerns or clarifications may be directed to Sis. Carol Caldwell-Denny at 215-247-0107.


         Recipe Book

The Hospitality Ministry for the church’s 125th Anniversary will be creating a recipe book.  We would like our disciples to contribute with your favorite recipe.  It can be an entree, a dessert, a snack, as long as it’s edible.  The deadline to submit these recipes will be June 12th.  You can submit them now by legibly printing your recipe on a sheet of paper, sending your email to the church at secretary@mountzionbaptist.org or by simply handing it to Sis. Brenda Dukes, Deaconess Patricia Jackson, Sis. Chrissy Johnson or myself, Patricia Williams.  We are praying and expecting this to be a successful endeavor.  Thank you in advance from your Hospitality Ministry.

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