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Deacon’s Ministry:

Chairman:                     Deacon Winston Boston

Vice-Chairman:            Deacon Gerald Reviere

Secretary:                    Deacon Roland Lucas

Asst. Secretary:           Deacon Ivan Dukes

Chaplain:                     Deacon John Rodgers

Member                       Deacon Harold Cassell

Member                       Deacon James Payton

Member                      Deacon Jesse Rauls

Member                      Deacon Edward Williams

Member                      Deacon Dunniston Woods

Member                      (Walking Deacon) Bro. Gregory Thomas, Jr.

Trustee Ministry

Chairman:                   Trustee Sharon K. Woodridge

Vice Chairperson:       Trustee Karen Nichols

Secretary:                    Trustee Jacqueline Jackson

Treasurer:                    Trustee Jacqueline Jackson

Member                      Trustee H. Walter Early

Member                      Trustee Frank H. Fortson, Jr.

Member                      Trustee Marcus Jackson

Member                      Trustee Kimberly Moody

Member                      Trustee Tracy Reviere

Member                     Trustee Elizabeth Nichols, Emeritus

Deaconess Ministry:

President:                     Deaconess Jacqueline Jackson

Vice President:             Deaconess Revonne Payton

Secretary:                     Deaconess Patricia Jackson

Asst. Secretary:            Deaconess Brenda Bolden

Treasurer:                    Deaconess Ann Marie Woods

Chaplain:                     Deaconess Facilia Oniyama

Trustee Aide Ministry:

President:                    Sister Pauline Randolph

Vice President:            Sister Barbara Berry

Secretary:                    Deaconess Brenda Bolden

Asst. Secretary:           Sister Kathleen Harris

Treasurer:                    Sister Carol Caldwell Denny

Chaplain:                     Sister Lillie Loving

Church School:

Superintendent:            Sister Joyce Umble

Asst. Superintendent:   Sister Paula Powers-Watts

Secretary:                     Sister Deborah Nukah

Chaplin:                        Deaconess Annmarie Woods

Supt. Emeritus:            Deacon Edward Williams

Board of Christian Education

Appointed:                    Reverend Darren Umble

Helping Hand Missionary Society:

President:                     Sister Mae Bennefield

Vice President:             Sister Cassandra Mathis

Secretary:                     Sister Dawn Middleton Bryant

Treasurer:                     Sister Juanita Dillard

Chaplain:                      Sister Gretel Rauls

Male Usher Board:

President:                     Brother Edward Joyner

Vice President:             Deacon John Rogers

Secretary:                     Brother James Starnes

Treasurer:                     Deacon Jesse Rauls

Chaplain:                      Deacon John Rodgers

Pres. Emeritus:             Deacon Gregory Thomas, Sr.

Senior Usher Board:

Vice President:             Sister Phyllis Booker

Secretary:                     Sister Yanique Joyner

Treasurer:                    Deaconess Patricia Jackson

Chaplin:                        Sister Lillie Loving

Adult Usher Board:

President:                     Sister Bertha Barbour

Vice President:             Sister Marie Byrd

Secretary:                     Sister Dawn Middleton Bryant

Treasurer:                    Sister Karen Robinson

Chaplain:                     Sister Ruby Thomas

Junior Usher Board:

President:                     Sister Jayden Joyner

Vice President:             Sister Sianni Robin

Secretary:                     Brother Jeovani Dawkins

Treasurer:                     Brother Gregory Thomas, III

Chaplain:                      Sister Gyanna Thomas

Senior Choir:

President:                     Deaconess Patricia Jackson

Vice President:              Sister Loretta Jackson

Secretary:                      Sister Andrea Smith

Treasurer:                     Sister Patricia Williams

Chaplain:                      Deacon Gerald Reviere

  Celestial Choir:

President:                     Trustee Karen Nichols

Vice President:             Sister Mary Ann Kendrick

Secretary:                     Sister Christine Johnson

Treasurer:                     Sister Patricia Williams

Chaplain:                      Sister Andrea Smith

Male Chorus:

President:                     Deacon Gerald Reviere

Vice President:             Deacon Harold Cassell

Secretary:                     Trustee Frank H. Fortson Jr.

Treasurer:                     Trustee Frank H. Fortson Jr.

Hospitality Ministry:

President:                     Sister Patricia Williams

Vice President:             Sister Loretta Jackson

Secretary:                     Sister Christine Johnson

Chaplain:                      Deacon Harold Cassell

Pastor’s Aide:

President:                    Sister Andrea Smith

Vice President:            Deaconess Revonne Payton

Secretary:                    Sister Denise Joyner

Treasurer:                    Sister Lillie Loving

Asst. Treasurer:           Sister Marie Byrd

Chaplain:                      Deacon James Payton

New Disciple’s Ministry:

President:                     Sister Andrea Smith

Vice President:            Sister Denise Joyner

Secretary:                    Sister Dawn Middleton Bryant

Treasurer:                    Deaconess Revonne Payton

Chaplain:                     Deacon James Payton

Evangelism Ministry:

President:                     Deaconess Revonne Payton

Vice President:            Sister Tamika Reid

Secretary:                    Sister Joyce Umble

Chaplain:                     Deacon Harold Cassell


President:                    Sister Norma Avery

Vice President:            Sister Lorraine Anderson

Secretary:                    Sister Diana Woodridge

Treasurer:                    Sister Pauline Randolph

Treasurer:                    Sister Barbara Berry

Chaplain:                     Sister Ruby Thomas

Nurses’ Ministry:

President:                    Sister Cassandra Mathis

Vice President:            Sister Phyllis Booker

Secretary:                    Sister Christine Johnson

Treasurer:                   Sister Lillie Loving

Chaplain:                     Sister Phyllis Booker

Nurse Educator:          Sister Carol Caldwell Denny

Medical Liaison:         Trustee Karen Nichols

Transportation Ministry:

President:                    Sister Mae Bennefield

Coordinator:                Sister Jean Fields

Chaplin:                       Deacon James Payton

Women’s Ministry:

President:                    Sister Letty Thomas

Vice President:           Sister Yanique Robinson-Joyner

Secretary:                   Sister Dawn Middleton Bryant

Treasurer:                   Sister Lorraine Anderson

Asst. Treasurer:          Sister Gretel Rauls

Chaplain:                    Deaconess Revonne Payton

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Men’s Ministry:

President:                   Deacon Dunniston Woods

Vice President:            Brother Richard Robinson

Asst. Secretary:           Brother Thurmond Thomas, Jr.

Chaplain:                     Deacon Harold Cassell

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Y. E. S. (Youth Enrichment Services):

President:                    Trustee H. Walter Early

Vice President:            Trustee Marcus Jackson

Treasurer:                    Sister Loretta Jackson

Social Media Ministry:

President:                   Sister Joyce Umble

Vice President:           Sister Yanique Joyner

Secretary:                   Sister Dawn Middleton Bryant

Treasurer:                   Trustee Tracy Reviere

Chaplain:                     Brother Dustin Perrin

Mount Zion Employees:

Administrative Secretary:              Deacon Gregory Thomas, Sr.

Church Treasurer:                           Trustee H. Walter Early

Church Financial Secretary:           Trustee Frank H. Fortson, Jr.

Church Clerk Secretary:                 Deaconess Patricia D. Jackson

Church Clerk Secretary:                  Sister Patricia L. Williams

Minister of Music:                           Rev. Dr. Constance Dorsey

Director Celestial Choir:                 Brother James A. Early

Director of Children’s Choir:          Sister Latisha Mays

Church Sexton:                               Brother Christopher Jackson

Church Sexton:                               Sister Loretta Jackson

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